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34 appointments in 2 weeks for Explainer Video Agency
4X growth and $100K+ avg. deal size for Production Agency
7 clients and 109 appointments for ATL Agency

Our Services.

Lead Research

Uncovering high-value prospects, ensuring data accuracy, and enriching existing lists with over 15+ data points with the most up-to-date information.

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Linkedin Eco-System

Turn your LinkedIn profile into a lead converting sales machine through the power of high-performing data from executing thousands of successful LinkedIn campaigns across various industries.

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Seamless Appointments

Free up your time from tedious outreach and follow-ups. Our dedicated BDR becomes an extension of your sales team, expertly engaging and nurturing prospects. Don't lift a finger as we secure and schedule qualified appointments directly in your calendar.

Targeted Calling

Increase conversion rates from your outbound campaign lists by leveraging your dedicated caller to generate interest in your product or service using our custom lists.

AI E-mail Agents

Craft hyper-personalised emails effortlessly with our 1000+ hour trained AI agent. Having studied 250+ niches, it adapts seamlessly to meet any niche-specific requirements, providing a unique edge for effective outreach.

Omnichannel Retargeting

Nurture your outbound leads and schedule more appointments by establishing presence across various platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. Paint a compelling picture for your prospects – showcase that you are literally everywhere, building trust and reliability on autopilot.

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The Process

Highlevel overview.

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Onboarding/Kick Off Call

Our streamlined onboarding process is designed to be time-efficient, taking no more than 30 minutes of your valuable time.


Research & Strategy

Clarifying your ideal customer, offer, messaging & setting up the technical infrastructure to get you started with your journey.


Outbound Ecosystem

Crafting the finest outreach system, catered specifically to your requirements – sit back and let us handle everything for you.


Qualified Appointments Delivered

Once we've confirmed a time with your ideal prospect, we'll book it straight into your calendar.

Let’s add your company to our list of growth cases.

Get more leads, more appointments, more business.

100+ hot leads within 30 days

100+ Hot Leads within 30 Days for brand-new AI Tool


$60,000 in MRR in less than 6 months

$60,000 Added in Monthly Recurring Revenue for Marketing Agency In Finland


$32,000 added in less than 2 months

$32,000 Added in result of 34 Meetings within 2 weeks for
animated explainer video Agency


11 Meetings first 5 Days of being Live

11 Meetings first 5 days of being live for Video Production & Marketing Agency


$500,000 Added within 4 Months

$500,000 Added in Revenue within 4 Months for Solar Company


$20,000+ in MRR in less than 8 weeks

$20,000+ Added in Monthly Recurrin Revenue for 360 Degree Markting Agency


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What makes A-sales your #1 choice

10x your outreach without cold calls or manual outreach. Hypercharge your sales team’s efficiency and fill your

What makes A-Sales your#1 Choice

Here's how we stand out among other lead generation agencies.

#1 Performance-based B2B Lead Generation Agency.
Awarded Best Lead Gen Agency in Sweden - 2023/24

Fully integrated into your team and making sure that the right balance between frameworks and flexibility is kept.

Leveraging cutting-edge toolkit and advanced methodology alongside straight-forward communication.  

Partner with largest info product in Scandinavia when it come to marketing & outbound marketing, over 3000+ Students total.

A-SALES on DesignRush

How companies succeed with us.

Check out how we help our clients elevate their lead generation and boost ROI.

Hjalmar Vestby Bøe
CEO of Yalmar Solutions

Maximizing sales potential: 20+ meetings within 30 days

Ray Franklin
Head Of Sales UK

Maximizing sales potential: 180+ Meetings within 30 days

Jesse Da Silva
Founder of Hempur

Maximizing sales potential: 22+ meetings within 30 days

Samuel Attevall
CEO @ GenY Media

Maximizing sales potential: 100+ Hotleads within 30 Days

Cassin Mukire
CEO of TangoScale

Maximizing sales potential: 20+ Meetings within 30 Days

Christoph Dahn
CEO of Greenblut GmBH

Maximizing sales potential:
+€200k PR within 30 Days

Petter Peyron
CMO @ GenY, Founder of Gevity & CMO @ Atlas

Maximizing sales potential:
40+ Leads within 3 Days

Oscar Cruz
CEO & Co-Founder of BlackReef

Maximizing sales potential:
+$20,000 Added in 60 Days

Phil & Becky
Founders of Lantern Street Media

Maximizing sales potential:
11 Meetings within 5 Days

Tino Koskela
CEO & Co-Founder Inolar Media

Maximizing sales potential:
+€60,000 MRR in 6 Months

Marios Karras
CEO of Anmo Creative

Maximizing sales potential: +$32,000 Added in 14 Days

Linus Wolters
CEO of Wolters Solutions & CO-Founder o CC

Maximizing sales potential: 40+ Meetings within 30 Days

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Q. Whose name are you using whilst doing outbound?
Q. What markets/countries do you cover?
Q. Are you able to provide a fully outsourced sales process upon request?

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