Leads.io 110+ meetings in under 2 weeks.

Here's how Leads.io was able to generate 110+ meetings in under 2 weeks...

Orestas Nariunas
May 31, 2024
Category 1

Leads.io specializes in lead generation and offers a better way to acquire high-quality leads through leveraging data & technology.

Leads.io wanted to dive into new verticals, focusing on heat pump installers based in the UK.

In partnership with Leads.io, we innovated a direct outbound strategy to reach out to their ideal customer profile.

Leveraging Google Maps, and Yellow Pages, we gathered very high quality leads in a short time span; matching their ICP perfectly.

Since the list building, didn't take as much time as other projects - we dialled down on market research heavily, finding what truly resonates with heat pump installers specifically, since it is a fairly new sector in the UK...

We managed to book over 110+ Sales Meetings using only cold email, in under 2 weeks. With some days, we booked over 10+ in a single day.

These meetings allowed Leads.io to send high-ticket proposals at scale, and also take deep insights into their target market; adjusting the offer accordingly.

Leads.io assigned A-SALES to also target new verticals down the line such as Window Fitters, and Door Installers.

The Problem

Leads.io in-house sales team did not have the volume desired, to reach new verticals on spectrum. They needed an external team, to outsource this to & drive their project forward, fully hands off; that's where A-SALES came in.