Svea Solar +$500,000 in 4 months.

How Svea Solar added +$500,000 in revenue by collaborating with the A-SALES team.

Denniz Ozden
March 1, 2024
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SVEA SOLAR - +$500,000 in 4 months as a result of working with A-SALES.

Svea Solar wanted a second take on their entire sales eco-system, from a mutual stand point in order to gain the most benefits in a short time-span.

We reached out to Svea Solar and leveraged our pre-existing connections in order to land a partnership with them & after just 4 months of working with them, we generated over 5,3 MSEK (Million Swedish Crowns) by sales consulting.

Introduced effective upselling angles, enabling Svea Solar to capitalize on existing customer relationships and maximize total project acquisitions through cross-selling and bundled offers.

We implemented a range of strategic initiatives, including refining sales processes, identifying new market segments, and incorporating innovative sales technologies to drive results for Svea Solar.

The implemented strategies led to enhanced customer satisfaction and retention, driven by personalized sales experiences, improved customer engagement, and post-sale support initiatives.

The partnership between Svea Solar and A-SALES resulted in sustained sales growth, establishment of a competitive edge in the market, and increased brand reputation over the long term.

The Problem

Before partnering with A-SALES, Svea Solar grappled with stagnant sales and struggled to penetrate new markets effectively due to inefficient sales processes and a lack of targeted upselling strategies. Recognizing the need for expert guidance, they sought sales consulting to revitalize their approach and unlock their full potential in the renewable energy market.