Black Reef +$20,000 MRR in less than 8 weeks.

How Black Reef added over $20,000 MRR in less than 8 weeks by collaborating with A-SALES.

Orestas Nariunas
February 17, 2024
Category 1

Black Reef is a 360° marketing agency, focusing on creative campaigns, web design and social media marketing. They help local businesses like roofing companies & dental clinics, acquire qualified leads.

They wanted to step into the outbound space, but weren't sure how.

After assessing their situation, we assisted them in attracting more clients to their agency through our email outreach system.

By implementing our targeted email campaigns, we not only increased the quantity of leads but also ensured that the leads generated were of high quality.

This strategic approach allowed us to optimize their outreach efforts and enhance the overall effectiveness of their client acquisition process.

Being able to use powerful lead magnets helped a ton, especially when pitching web design to completely cold prospects.

The Problem

Had a tough time setting up meetings and growing their client base. They experimented with various outbound methods, like in-house cold email which only generated them 2 meetings in close to 6 months. Nothing seemed to get them any real results. Their approach lacked a structured system, only getting new clients from referrals.