Lantern Street Media +11 qualified meetings in less than a week.

Here's how Lantern Street Media was able to generate 11 qualified meetings in less than a week in...

Orestas Nariunas
April 2, 2024
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Lantern Street Media - a husband and wife duo combining creative flair and strategic thinking – along with a dedicated team of experts, they provide business growth marketing solutions for small-medium businesses.

Lantern Street Media asked us to generate leads for them, to help them to expand their presence throughout the UK market.

We helped them craft & refine an irresistible offer, through the use of valuable lead magnets - gatekeeping the material behind a discovery call.

Utilising hyper-personalisation in specific markets that weren't sophisticated, for example Universities & Schools; we received a sea of positive responses - leading to qualified booked meetings.

With any campaign, it’s important to get to the targeting right, but it became particularly important here because Lantern Street Media needed to reach the specific decision-makers who could sign off on their digital transformation services.

Fortunately, we were able to get that relevance just right, generating 11 qualified meetings in less than a week,

And to top it off? In the UK.

Also, deployed an approach of filtering through Google reviews; making for an extremely relevant first-liner in our outreach.

By leveraging creative thinking, personalized outreach, and precise targeting, we facilitated meaningful connections and positioned Lantern Street Media for success in the competitive UK market.

The Problem

Lantern Street Media aimed to expand their footprint in the competitive UK market but encountered challenges in effectively reaching and engaging with their target audience. Despite their creative flair and strategic thinking, they lacked a streamlined approach to lead generation and struggled to connect with the specific decision-makers who could benefit from their digital transformation services.