Anmo Creative +$32,000 in less than 2 weeks.

How Anmo Creative was able to add +$32,000 in revenue by collaborating with A-SALES.

Orestas Nariunas
October 11, 2023
Category 1

ANMO Creative specializes in crafting high-quality animated explainer videos that make complex concepts simple and engaging. Their remote team of expert graphic designers and storytellers are dedicated to delivering tailor-made animations, at competitive prices for B2B businesses.

ANMO wanted to acquire new projects, and scale their business predictably.

We set up our cold outreach eco-system, and improved how they presented their offer. This helped prospects see the value of animated explainer videos for their brand, in a personalised way.

We made the offer more understandable and created assets to showcase their expertise in this field.

The outcome was very impressive, averaging around 3-4 meetings per day.

Campaigns were paused temporarily because the load was too much to handle on their end...

The Problem

Before our partnership, ANMO tried almost everything in terms of outreach; They were only getting new clients through referrals.