Wolters +40 qualified meetings in less than a month...

Here's how Wolters Solutions was able to generate +40 qualified meetings in less than a month...

Orestas Nariunas
October 13, 2023
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Wolters Solutions is a premier agency which has broad expertise in software development, web development, web3 development, digital marketing and sales.

Wolters was in search for a partner that specialises in outbound marketing, generate leads predictably.

After familiarising the team with Wolters Solutions offer; we decided to leverage Clay, a powerful tool for generating hyper-personalized messages. We created effective prompt templates in-house, based on our experience and insights from over 50 successful campaigns.

These prompts were then utilized within Clay to create customized messages tailored to the unique attributes and interests of each prospect at scale.

One of our angles, was scraping the prospect's website; generating a super personalised first-line tied in with how we can help them.

The integration of Clay into Wolters' sales enablement strategy yielded remarkable results. By leveraging hyper-personalized messaging crafted using proven prompts, they saw a significant increase in engagement and response rates.

Prospects responded positively to the tailored messages, leading to improved lead generation, conversion rates, and ultimately, revenue growth for Wolters Solutions.

Through consistent A/B testing, we generated +40 qualified sales meetings in less than a month.

The Problem

Wolters Solutions encountered difficulties in standing out and differentiating themselves in the competitive market, often being perceived as a commodity.