TangoScale +20 qualified meetings in 30 days.

Here's how TangoScale was able to generate 20+ qualified meetings in less than a month in...

Orestas Nariunas
February 26, 2024
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TangoScale is a performance marketing agency that specializes in propelling the growth of e-commerce businesses through the strategic use of Tik Tok, Meta, and UGC content.

TangoScale wanted to jump on the outbound train, specifically to target e-commerce brands with a unique approach since the market was inflated with copy & paste offers.

In partnership with TangoScale, we devised a tailored outbound marketing strategy centred around cold email systems enhanced by AI technology.

Leveraging sophisticated algorithms and look-alike databases, we meticulously scraped leads that closely matched TangoScale's ICP.

This approach ensured precision targeting and increased the likelihood of generating meaningful engagements with qualified prospects in the e-commerce niche.

The implementation of our strategic outbound marketing campaigns yielded remarkable results for TangoScale.

Within the first month, we successfully generated over 20 qualified meetings with potential e-commerce clients, despite the highly competitive nature of the US market.

These meetings provided TangoScale with valuable opportunities to showcase their expertise and services, ultimately paving the way for potential partnerships and business growth.

The Problem

TangoScale aimed to stand out in the crowded e-commerce marketing landscape, where businesses were flooded with generic offers and copy-and-paste marketing tactics. They sought a solution to effectively reach and engage with e-commerce brands, specifically targeting decision-makers who fit their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Additionally, the competitive nature of the US market posed a significant challenge to their outbound marketing efforts.